About Timberaid.com

Timberaid started up in 2020 as a free-to-use website with the goal of encouraging the use of renewable materials to create a more sustainable environment. Timberaid provides a large suite of timber related tools under one roof to facilitate engineering designs in the wood sector. The website is intended to serve as a reliable source of information for the educators, and to provide helpful tools for the experts in the field. Developers are constantly working to improve website content and to add new features. We owe a huge thanks to our users and the people who have helped us to improve Timberaid. Please take a moment and leave feedback for us. We would love to hear how your experience was using our website.

Our Team

Sina Jahedi

Dr. Sina Jahedi

Founder, Full-stack Developer

Sina Jahedi, Ph.D., graduated with a concurrent degree in Wood Science and Computer Science from Oregon State University. He has dedicated his career to the development of innovative products to bridge the gap between traditional methodologies and cutting-edge technology.

Luke Walter

Luke Walter

Co-Founder, Website Design and Content Assistant

Luke has graduated from Oregon State University with a major in Renewable Materials and a minor in Business. His expertise in media design, wood product development and deep knowledge of the forest products industry has enabled him to assist in the development of Timberaid.com.